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The importance of assisting our children with their Exams 1 5/5 (1)

Throughout America, many children and teens will be preparing for their end of year examinations of some kind or another. And so it essential for parents and guardians especially to help them prepare to be successful.

We know that examinations can be very stressful at times, and of course, difficult to prepare for. But one the primary things parents can do is to ensure that they are always available for their children when they need them for assistance. It is realistic to remember that parents will not be available sometimes, because of work-related stress or family personal circumstances, but to take some time and focus on the needs of the kids will benefit parents as well as the children. The cost of extra tutoring, for example, or the need to retake an exam will be reduced with just some real concern and help from the parent to the child.

The environment in which the child has to study also matters. Here guardians and parents can do their part by ensuring it is accessible, clean and free from noisy disturbances as their kids conduct their study time. If this was not available during the regular times of the year, parents should try very hard to make the changes in line with this point (Final Exams Time ) so the children can study effectively. No one can truly prepare for difficult exams in a noisy environment, especially at home. Those who are seniors in high schools, for example, and are looking forward to their graduation, will need the best available place at home to concentrate and prepare for their last set of exams.

If need be, finding the most reliable and effective tutor may help if a parent cannot assist a child the best way they may desire to. Not all parents may be at the educational level or faculty of mind to assist their own kids with a specific kind of school work for final exams. So a good option is to find a close friend or relative who may be able to do so. The aim is to get the right kind of specific help for the child without paying an expensive fee to a tutor. Some relatives will even help for free or just a pocket money. And at times, close friends or relatives will be more sincere and reliable in seeing your child succeed than a stranger who may be doing his/her tutoring duty because they have to be paid for their services. By no means does this mean that professional tutors are not essential. They really are, but a child may just learn best with someone they know and trust assisting them.

Reassurance of parental acceptance or love even if a child does not succeed matters. Even after all is done to help a child succeed at his/her final exams, the child may still not be successful or to the extent that was anticipated. In such cases, parents and guardians will need to honestly reassure the child that all is not lost and they can still succeed in life and are loved by family and friends. Disappointment can be painful especially after a lot of time, effort and money are invested by both parents and kids. But under exam pressure, some children will make mistakes that can result in failure and hence disappointment. At such times, parents will need to restrain themselves from aggressive anger and abuse (verbal or physical) of the child. There will be another chance for the child to correct his/her mistakes and succeed. So parents and guardians need to remember this and continue to show their love and acceptance in times of disappointment. This can be crucial to a child’s long-term productive development.

Parents and guardians therefore need to remember that final exams, for example, can be a very stressful time in the lives of kids. Every possible assistance form all who are associated with a child development will then be necessary and appreciated at this time. Only some are mentioned above. But above all else, we need to remember to show kids that they are still loved and appreciated, even if and when they do not succeed.


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Substance in our daily lives will help to make us happy. 1 5/5 (1)

Substance in this context is the actual matter of a thing, as opposed to the appearance, shadow or reality. So substance is what is real or factual. And factual events in our lives can make us happy. Whenever you believe something good has happened in your life, double check that with the facts of the case to determine if substance is there and is real to make you happy.

One of the examples of the above is related to getting a job and earning an income. For example, if you applied for a job that is not real substance in your life because the objective is to earn an income – not just to apply for the job. That is just a formality and a part of the procedure/process. In addition, if attend an interview and felt it went well so you may get the job that is not substance. If you were offered the job and a starting date, then that is substance to certain extent or degree. But that can change between when the job offer was made and the starting work-date, as I have seen from others experience over the years. Starting the job in actually terms or working is the real substance and can make you happy. You have now achieved a job, for that you wanted and with an acceptable salary/pay, for example, in accounting and have actually started working. No more wondering about changes or maybe this or that may happen. Substance is now real because you have started earning money towards achieving you personal or family objectives.

For those in online business, the principle is just the same. No one just wants a Web site, from example, that is well designed, looks good and receiving hits to you site. The person who started the business site, for example, an online store or hosting service site, is looking for real paying customers or clients. So he/she will not rejoice with just hits that may even be irrelevant to his/her site offered services. They really desired shoppers, for example, who will pay for products or services or clients who will sign-up for paid hosting services. When that is achieved, then substance is factual and happiness will prevail.

If some online or off-line is in need of finding friends who will be their real friends, then those who are just clicking to sign-up as a friend but have never spoken to that person via text, phone, e-mail, and so on, will not be considered as a real. Just as a co-worker who works at the same place who never contacts his/her friend cannot be considered as a real friend because the substance or objective desired has not been achieved. Now to go see the person, offer to have lunch or after work conversation every now and then or even just to call to find out how the person is doing with offering to help if need be, will be considered as real substance and can lead to happiness as the objectives are being achieved.

Someone, such a worker who promises to do something for you such as a simple home repair, cannot be considered as substance until he service is done or even done correctly to your desire. Just being glad that he/she said they will do so, even for free, is not grounds for substance. Substance is when it is done because until that is so, stress and disappointment may very well surface and make you frustrated and unhappy. So look for the substance when the above is done and to your satisfaction.

The above are just a few examples but the principle is the same in all cases. We need to look for the substance in our lives so we will be happy. Too many people often settle for less and become frustrated, angry or stressed-out when they have not achieved what they needed or desired. They have presumed that things will be what they have not yet become and then become unhappy soon after because they have not waited for the facts to make sure substance is real and exists to ensure happiness. When the substance of the situation or case is there, then happiness will prevail – in almost every case, base on the examples and principle above.


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