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Tutoring is essential for your children’s school life success. 1 5/5 (1)

One meaning of a tutor, from my experience in tutoring, is someone who is dedicated to rendering consistent relevant instructions and assistance to someone or a small group of 7-10 persons. Dedication and consistency are important because they are intricately associated with tutoring and teaching.

The primary objectives of tutoring will depend on the needs of the students and the teachers when being done in a formal educational environment or by home schooling. But the essence is to help or assist the student achieve what he or she cannot attain on his or her own, with only the standard teaching from others. After tutoring, they will then be able to function independently while they continue their learning in that specific and related subject area.

In some cases, tutoring style and the method of tutoring in one subject area may not be relevant in another. Hence, different tutors will be necessary or needed to help the student achieve the desired objectives. For example, while many of the principles in English Tutoring can be applied in Social Sciences, they may not be relevant in other technical area, such as practical engineering and mechanics. Tutoring can be done in class during teaching time, by the pull-out principle (where needed and willing students are temporarily remove from the regular teaching environment for tutoring in another room or place) and after school. In the latter case, the students will meet with the tutors after regular class ends in a quiet, secure and supervised environment. From my experience, which is most effective will depend on the student’s needs, the teacher objectives and what the parents agreement.

For the student, excellent tutoring will enhance the need and desire to learn. There will be improvements in students study habits and effectiveness, the ability to generate greater information and knowledge in the specific subject area, and in general. The student attendance at school will also improve with an elevated positive cooperative attitude towards the subject, fellow classmates and the teacher.

But to achieve the above, certain acceptable principles are required from the tutor.

An excellent and effective tutor must be dedicated, consistent, demonstrate a strong positive perspective towards the student, teacher and tutoring. He or she must believe in the student’s abilities to improve consistently and sustainable, show empathy, express equity in his or her duties. They will need to very objective and not controversial. They must be extremely cooperative with the parents, students, teachers and school officials. Effective background clearance checks with Child Abuse Agencies and Federal Criminal Agencies, in the United States for example, are needed before a tutor is approved and accepted for tutoring. Experience will matter, but may not be too relevant in some cases because some new tutors will demonstrate excellent abilities.

From my experience in tutoring Middle and High School Students in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the last 2 years, the parents of the students must play a very essential role in the process. Parents are encouraged to know that their children are not necessarily receiving tutoring because they are not smart, but for different individual reasons. Educational Specialist and Child Psychologists, for examples, may be able to help in explaining this point, if need be. But what parents need to know and do is work sincerely, consistently and positively with the tutors, teachers and school officials.

An example of this last issue has to do with the after school attitudes of parents. Many students receiving tutoring often say they receive little encouragement (or inconsistent support) once they leave the school environment and go home. Here homework assistance from parents is needed as a principle of helping in the tutoring process.

Some parents, because of unfortunate reasons, may not actually be able to practically work with their children while they do their home work. But to ask them and insist that they do so everyday will matter in the success of their children tutoring and school achievements. Parents with language problems, for example when the child may be learning a new language from tutoring and classroom teaching that the parent is not aware of or familiar with, because they do not speak that language, can still help their kids. Simple love, concern and encouragement will definitely mean a lot to the child effective tutoring and learning achievements.

What a student does or does not do to enhance the tutoring experience will matter. They need to be extremely willing to accept the help or assistance that their parents, teachers and the schools have identified as necessary for them to improve in their learning. Students need to be cooperative, attend tutoring regularly, be respectful to their tutors and teachers, obey the school and parent instructions or rules, and participate in assisting themselves and other students.

Therefore, from the above, tutoring is essential for all needed children. This will help the child achieve current and long-term educational learning goals. Parents support is essential to all children success. The students must be very willing to receive and accept the help and assistance that tutoring provides. Backgrounds checks to make sure the tutors are qualified and suitable for the children’s objectives must never be overlooked. This will help to ensure that the correct person is chosen for the student, parents and school needs or objectives.

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Different people and their influence on Life 1 5/5 (1)

In this real and modern world of over six (6) billion people from the United States, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa and elsewhere, there are different dimensions of Life, but some will stand-out the most. There are the Religious dimension, the Political, Rich lifestyles, Academic professionals, and the Ordinary persons in this world. Each will have different aspects of power, philosophy and lifestyles, but they all live in the same “world.” How we interact within these dimensions and are affected by them will affect each person individual life no matter where in the world they live.

The Religious dimension is the most prevalent in our lives. Even if you are not specifically a religious person and an official member of a particular organization, the religious persons we come in contact with will have an impact on our lives. In the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other main religions around the world, the religious leaders have powerful relations and influence on many. No all will listen to their parents, political party associate, spouse, co-worker or friends opinions, but they will most likely listen to their religious leaders and follow their instructions. We have see, and possibly have experienced, this in our lives at some stage or another but did not stop long and often enough to reflect on it. Even marriage spouses are not immune from this influence. It can be the opposite of what the husband or wife, for example, would have wanted to resolve conflicts or problems in their marriage. Such is the power of the religious leader in many people lives.

Now the Political people are very, very real in our lives. Each nation in this world has a political set of leaders who govern. This is true whether it be a simple tribe, military government, royal King and Queen rulers, communist party rule, socialist rulers, democracy or any other type. They will manage the country or place and people subjected to them, in the manner they see most suitable to them. In some societies, the laws and rules they make can adversely affect personal and religious views. This can lead to serious social disorder or civil conflict, thereby adversely affecting lives. At times, the rules they make will please some but not all, even if it is because of religious differences or that of cultural and philosophical differences. But in any case, the political dimension in our lives will affect us no matter what.

The Rich or Elite members of all societies will definitely influence many lifestyles. The political and religious can also be rich at the same time, just as the religious leaders can be political leaders as well. But in this respect, the rich or elite here is seen as those who throughout family history or by contemporary accomplishments, are wealthy and so possess power and influence. In the United States, for example, the rich have real power. They often are the main employers of the ordinary people and middle class, provide money for expensive research in medicine and education, for example, sponsor political parties and their members fund raising efforts, among other real life situations. The movie, entertainment and sports “stars” in America, for example, will come under this category. Often, what those “stars” say and do will influence many, especially the millions of serious fans they have around the world. So we can just comprehend millions of people deciding, for example, to buy a particular sport shoe because of a basketball player influence, or a teenager dressing in a particular manner because his/her “star” does so. Sometimes the influence will last a lifetime.

The “perfect” Academic will also affect our lives, but sometimes in different ways. Academics here are those who are official past and current University Lecturers and Professors. They are usually the “brains” behind all modern successful countries, for example, the United Kingdom, The United States, Canada, France, and others. They will be the ones to think-of, create, invent, monitor, change, supervise, criticize and correct the difficult problems and issues in our lives. When we think of the various professional researchers, the legal system, the medical profession, the engineers, diplomats, educators, economists, sociologists, psychologists and others, they are the ones who come under this category. Now these people will advise governments on what’s right, best and wrong for all. Many times their influence and opinions are good, but sometimes they can be very bias and misleading. In any case, throughout all nations history, the academic “elites” have proven to be very powerful and possess great influence in our lives.

The Ordinary people we know, hear of, meet and read about will also influence our lives. These are the people who are sometimes called “ordinary people” for example, the everyday “white and blue” collar worker, and the functionally literate in all societies. In democratic societies, such Canada and the United States, they are the ones who will decide which political party member governs and where within and outside the country. In less democratic societies, they are the ones who often rebel against injustice and inequality the best ways they know and with whatever power they have. What they do or say when they get the opportunity and media support, for example, will influence those who are on the recipient side of their expressions and actions. A coup, war or strike by the ordinary people in one country, for example, can affect how people will react and behave in another, and so on.

Therefore, there are different dimensions of power and influence in our lives. Each of us is a part of the picture. Our lives will affect each other in a positive acceptable way or adversely. But there are some, such as the religious and rich people, that have more than the normal effect on us. We have to demonstrate our power at times to counteract the power of the other and achieve some kind of balance or amicable situation. The ordinary blue and white collar among us are very essential to achieving this point for all of us benefits.


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