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The 2017 North American Youth Congress, hosted by the General Youth Division, will convene July 26-28, 2017 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. The theme is “THISTHAT.” Prayer for this event is imperative! Featured are specific prayer requests submitted by our General Youth Division President, Michael Ensey. Please join in prayer and fasting for these requests and be a vital part of history in the making, for “this is that”…

Flo Shaw
WNOP Director


Corporate Prayer and Fasting
As spiritual preparation, three days of corporate prayer and fasting were designated for Youth Congress attendees to join us in focused spiritual preparation on April 27, May 27, and June 26. Continual prayer and fasting is welcomed for those who desire to do so.

Ministry Team Prayer and Fasting:
I invite you to join our GYD Team & the NAYC Ministry Team for a time of focused spiritual preparation during the month leading up to Youth Congress. During the time between July 1st and July 21st, I am asking that you continue to make #NAYC17 a matter of focus every day during your personal prayer time and that you incorporate fasting into your personal devotion routine during this three-week span. Please pray specifically for the ministry participants and the subsequent spiritual impact of this event. There is no greater need that any of us possess than to be prepared spiritually. Thank you in advance for agreeing to participate during this season of spiritual preparation so we can all be sensitive to God’s leading during the event.

Prayer for our GYD Team:
Please pray for our GYD team and the host of volunteers and contractors as we prepare. This event consists of literally hundreds, yea even thousands, of details and the ramp up will be an intense and extremely busy time for the GYD. We genuinely covet your prayers and know that we must have God’s help!

Prayer List:

Michael & Rebecca Ensey (Preaching Wednesday night and responsible for service production).
Josh & Rachel Carson (facilities liaison & GYD ministry oversight).
Justin & Kimberly Reinking (promotions and resources).
GYD Staff: Seneatha Clayton, Kyle Loyd, Holly Crider, Tamra Schultz, Cindy Sorrels, Corinne Davis, and Jared Hunt.
Music Coordinator: Aaron Curtis and music team.
General Session Speakers: Michael Ensey, Sam Emory, Jason Staten, Tom Ellis, and Victor Jackson.
Jump Start and Special Events: L.J. Harry, Tiffini Countaway, Philip Harding, Thi Newman, Ken Faulkner, and Eric Fisher.
Split Sessions: Chantry Dean, Matt Johnson, Chad Craft, Aaron Soto, Andrew Romine, Brent Coltharp, Jonathan Quinones, and David Bernard.
Volunteer Coordinator: Chris Barber and Indiana District volunteers.


Michael Ensey
General Youth President
United Pentecostal Church International
(Info from wnop Newsletter)

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