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North America’s Hope Newsletter – A WORD FROM THE DIRECTOR – Scott Sistrunk. Like 5/5 (1)

Exciting things are happening in North America. We are on pace this year to increase the number of churches and preaching points in North America by 3%. This will represent the fastest growth in North America in, at least, the last 30 years! Since September 10, 2017, there have been weekly Bible studies conducted two blocks off of Times Square in Manhattan, NY! Over 20 have been baptized in Jesus’ name, and a daughter work is starting this summer! Did I mention that they are meeting rent-free in a world-class venue and have access to an apartment nearby? All for no cost! God is indeed working in North America.

Three percent growth means 140 new churches/preaching points. It is the goal of North American Missions to start 250 churches/preaching points every year. I pray that every pastor and minister in North America will answer the call to be involved in planting a new church in North America. Yes, we ALL need to answer the call. Just as there are many ways to be involved in global missions, there are also many ways to be involved in church planting in North America. We can’t all relocate to a foreign country, but we can give sacrificially, go on short-term mission trips, provide medical support, construction expertise, Bible school instruction and many more essential services to our global missionaries. It is amazing how successful we can be when we all get behind a vision and a plan. It is time that we all get behind church planting in North America.

Here are some areas where we need the most help: We need pastors to seriously consider planting or sponsoring a daughter work. We need men and women to volunteer to be team members (think AIM workers), to come alongside a church planter. We need everyone to be a monthly partner with a Metro Missionary. We need hundreds of skilled construction workers to volunteer for our Church in a Day program. We need every church to increase their giving to Christmas for Christ. Thank you for believing in North American Missions. Together, we will see a great revival in North America.

(From: North America’s Hope Newsletter – North American Missions )

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Faith and Faithfulness… 1 5/5 (1)

Whether we like it or not, the greatest fruit of a right relationship with God is FAITHFULNESS..
Everything else flows & grows from there. (Pastor Edwards on Facebook)

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